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Boom Truck Equipment

Fiber Glass Products
Fiber glass tool boards, tool trays, tool holsters and tool scabbards for application on aerial lift trucks (bucket trucks). Hand laid fiberglass is formed to produce a rigid, durable and non-conductive product.

Bucket Hooks
Buckingham offers several varieties of bucket hooks for attaching fiber glass tool boxes, tool aprons and other types of aerial accessories to the baskets. Most manufacturer's aerial basket trucks will accommodate their bucket hooks. All hooks are non-conductive for safety.

Buckingham economy hooks are made from PVC, which is durable in all types of weather. The top of the line hooks are made from polymer or virgin nylon materials for maximum strength, durability and the longest life possible.

For further information on Buckingham Fiberglass and Polymer products, please see the Buckingham Tool catalog.


Boom Tool Holder
Buckingham's Boom Tool Holder are designed for placement of long reach pruners or chain saws on the boom of an aerial bucket truck for temporary storage.

A ratcheting binder is used for secure attachment to either a round or square boom truck. The tool holder and the binders are padded to protect the surface of the boom from damage.

Round Boom
  • 4530 Handle Holder
  • 4531 Chain Saw Blade Holder
  • 4532 Pruner Head Holder

Square or Rectangular Boom

  • 45301 Handle Holder
  • 45311 Chain Saw Blade Holder
  • 45321 Pruner Head Holder

Bucket Truck Rescue System
The Bucket Truck Rescue System is designed to be an easily accessible means of quickly removing an injured co-worker from a bucket. In an emotionally charged situation, such as an on the job injury, it is essential that the rescue system is safe, easily accessible and easy to use. With these goals in mind, Buckingham developed its Bucket Truck Rescue System.

The new Buckingham Bucket Rescue System:
1. Provides a higher anchorage point to ease removal when a victim is wearing a harness.
2. Easy method to release the pulley system from the containment bag.
3. The anchorage closure system is secure and safe.

Bucket Truck Rescue System - Model 3813

The Bucket Truck Rescue System is available as a complete unit or by component parts. The three major components are:

The Ratchet and Boom Strap - Model 3813R

The Boom Strap is tightly affixed to the boom by a dual locking ratchet mechanism that can withstand 12,000 Ibs. of force. First the ratchet is tightened and then a cotter pin is inserted into the ratchet to eliminate the possibility of disengagement. The boom strap is made of a strong nylon backed with rubberized material to avoid slippage.

The Rope and Pulley System - Model 3813P

The pulley provides the rescuer with a 4 to 1 lifting ratio. The snaphook provides for easy attachment to the dee ring on back of the harness or waist belt. The 75' of 1/2" rope can support a load of 1,700 Ibs.

The TNX Containment Bag - Model 3813B

The TNX bag protects the rope and pulley from the weather and helps to contain the rope. The Velcro closure is opened by a pull tab located on the bottom portion of the bag. This makes the rescue system easy to reach and activate for people of all sizes.



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