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Knives, Pouches, and Other Tools

Skinning Knives
Buckingham Skinning Knives are the preferred tool in the electrical industry for trimming insulation from cable. Now, Buckingham Skinning Knives boast an improved blade design with an even heavier back and a ground, beveled edge. These features give their knives longer life and superior performance. Buckingham Skinning knives can be ordered with or without rings (if ring not desired add suffix 1 to model number).

There are three Models to choose from:

Model 7080 Comfort grip wooden handle

Model 7086 High-Impact screwdriver handle

Model 7089 High-Impact handle with extra length.

    Knife Pouches

The Buckingham knife pouches are designed for any handled type knife. Models are available for either belt slots or belt rings.

To see the entire line of Buckingham knives and knife pouches, please take a look at the Buckingham Tool catalog.
Staple Puller
  Buckingham's Ground Wire Staple Puller (Model 6400) permits easy removal of staples installed over ground wire molding. A welded bridge straddles the molding so removal is accomplished without damage. Cushioned handle.

Thread Restorers
Chase and renew battered and rusted threads.

Just one tool, with the standard set of die blades, handles SAE, USS, NPT or Metric type threads in any pitch from 6 to 28 threads to the inch - right or left hand threads - in any outside diameter within its specified limits, all without changing a die.

The Buckingham Thread Restorer does a better job than a die-nut, because it works from the end. It's the only tool that can be applied to the bottom thread, working outward to the end. It corrects and repairs damaged end threads on which die-cuts cannot even be applied! And it can be used in places where the long swing of other tools would interfere with the operation. Buckingham Thread Restorers are valuable tools for garages, shops, farmers, plumbers, construction outfits, maintenance men and mechanics.

Their value in emergencies is way beyond their cost! Now there's no need to keep elaborate sets of dies. . . three Buckingham Thread Restorers take care of the full range of sizes from 1/4" up to and including 4" diameters, right hand and left hand, at tremendous saving in tool room expenses. And they're light in weight, easy to store or carry in any tool box.

The larger sizes are especially useful for truck, bus and road machinery repairs, on generating turbines, large motor shafts, fire hydrants, hose nozzles and connections, locomotive machinery, and many other uses.

If the damaged threaded part is in an assembly, dismantling and reassembling are often completely unnecessary. Bolts, studs and shaft ends that are in bad condition can be cleaned and chased with a Buckingham Thread Restorer before the nut is started. In this way the Buckingham tool prevents thread stripping and cross threading.

Model Numbers & Details

Model 6103 Automatically adjusts to SAE USS. NPT and Metric type threads. any pitch from 6 to 28 to the inch, right or left hand threads all with one tool Has an outside diameter capacity of 1/4" to 1" Weighs 1 lb.

Model 6203 - Has outside diameter capacity of 1/4" to 1". Has maximum handle swing of 3 inches for work in closely confined reas. For such applications as cylinder head studs, "U" Bolts, wheel lugs, etc. Weighs 1-1/4 Ibs.

Model 62070 - Outside diameter capacity of 4 to 6". Has plain guide die blade which allows dies to pass over keyways and milled flats on threaded parts. Weighs 4-1/2 lbs.

Model 61060 - Outside diameter capacity of 1-3/4" to 4". Same general design as Model 62070. Weighs 3-3/4" lbs.

Model 62040 - Outside diameter capacity of 1" to 29/16". Same general design as Model 62070. Weighs 2-3/4 lbs.

Model 6212 - Has outside diameter capacity of 6" to 12". Weighs 10 lbs.

Thread restorers available for diameters up to 12", and for special thread types, for EUE (oil industry) and Model 63060 for sanitary (dairy and plumbing industry).

Guy Wire Dispensers
Two sizes of Stranded wire dispensers are available. Model 6150 - 6-1/2" depth X 30" width, weighs only 10 lbs. Model 61501 - 8" depth X 36" width, weighs only 12 lbs.

A new design with strength where it is needed. Raise the pivoted swing-away arm, drop in the coil of strand, lower arm and you are ready to cut the bands and feed strand. No loose parts to drop and lose, no unneeded metal bands with this sturdy tool. Handles full coils with ease while storing partially used ones safely. A time and labor saver.
Reel Stands & Lifts

Reel Stands are ideal for electricians and cablemen for payout of your various cable from reels. Stable and dependable stands in two sizes, 18" & 30" reels.

Buckingham also offers two size of Reel Lifts. The one-man reel lift for on-the-job raising of cable reels for free reeling. Turns on axle through center. No jamming due to damaged reel rims. Use in yard, on a truck or in a warehouse. Simple to set up, Only 5 parts.

For more information on Buckingham knives and other tools listed on this page, please check out the Buckingham Tool catalog.

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